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Industries Served

Eldredge is committed to providing comprehensive environmental solutions for our customers. With over 55 years of experience in the environmental industry, Eldredge has been on the forefront with the knowledge and resources to provide thorough solutions for our customers' ever-changing needs to meet regulatory requirements.

Whether our customer has drums of non-hazardous material or tanker loads of highly reactive and flammable material, Eldredge is dedicated to finding and implementing a customized comprehensive by-product sourcing strategy providing our customers with industry-leading solutions for managing their by-products. With a wide range of by-products we handle, Eldredge strives to find the most sustainable and economical sourcing solutions for our customers - helping them maintain a safe and profitable company.

Chemical & Specialty Chemical

Chemical Manufacturer

Through years of working with chemical and specialty chemical manufacturers, we have the knowledge and expertise to safely and efficiently handle our customers' waste needs. We work closely with our customers to discover their unique individual needs to effectively create a customized by-product management program. Ranging from dedicated tanker service with customized equipment, to efficient and professional industrial cleaning services , to complex environmental by-product management plans, Eldredge is your one-stop shop for your facility's needs.

Energy, Utilities & Communication


Eldredge's long-term relationships with regional and national utility providers in the natural gas transmission, energy generation, and telecommunication industries has led Eldredge to provide tailored by-product management services for our clients. Whether we are cleaning a million gallon tank of #6 oil, servicing a site with 50 separate by-products, or managing large on-site remediation projects including on-site water treatment systems and soil solidification, Eldredge's attention to detail allows us to provide safe and professional service for our customers. Eldredge offers complete by-product tracking and reporting for our clients, which helps them with their regulatory compliance for the EPA, DOT, OSHA, and state and local regulatory agencies.

Energy, Utility, Communication

Refinery & Petrochemical

Eldredge provides a full complement of services for our clients in the refinery and petrochemical industry. We work closely with our refinery and petrochemical clients to develop cost effective strategies that meet or exceed our customers' safety and compliance goals. With Eldredge's dedicated compliance and profiling staff - we will work to find the most environmentally sustainable and cost-effective solutions for your by-products - from re-use/recycling to treatment to incineration. Whether we are providing customized roll-off containers, to dedicated onsite industrial cleaning and remediation services, to API separator sludge cleanouts, Eldredge works with you to provide a safe and efficient operation of your facility. All Eldredge drivers and employees are professional trained and experienced to handle the variety of by-products commonly found in refineries.


From by-product recycling to lab packing to on-site facility maintenance services, Eldredge offers innovative sourcing solutions to help provide you with the competitive advantage. With our direct relationship with recycling facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada, Eldredge is committed to finding recycling/re-use solutions for your hazardous and non-hazardous by-products. Our well-trained and experienced field service crews can efficiently provide tank cleanings, pit cleanings, drain cleanings, and sump cleanings without affecting your facilities' day-to-day operations.

Beyond hazardous materials, Eldredge also can assist with the recycling of your plant by-products, including used pallets, cardboard, plastics, and plastic film. Our complete industrial recycling program can reduce or completely eliminate the cost of disposing of these common plant 'waste' materials, and may even provide potential revenue from the recycled material. For more information about this program, give Eldredge a call so that one of our experienced by-product sourcing specialists can provide you with further information about these opportunities.

Transportation & Automotive

Transportation Industry
Automotive Industry

Eldredge's knowledge, experience and expertise in the transportation and auto services industry has lead us to provide superior service to our customers. From pumping out one drum of waste oil to cleaning out large oil/water separators and wash bay pits, Eldredge has the personnel and equipment to meet your needs. Eldredge's dedicated Industrial Service Crew provides a broad spectrum of on-site cleaning services, including: drain and pit cleanings, oil/water separator cleanings, wash bay cleanings, sump cleanouts, and tank cleanings. Eldredge will work with you to discover your needs and develop a personalized plan. Whether this is for general maintenance and operations, or recycling and disposal options, Eldredge is committed to helping you achieve your goals. With Eldredge's Waste Oil & Antifreeze Reclamation Facility, you can remain confident that your material will be handled in the most sustainable manner possible.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

For decades, Eldredge has helped service companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, meeting their environmental by-product sourcing needs and helping them minimize their liability. Given the regulations of the industry through DEA, EPA, RCRA and DOT, Eldredge's knowledgeable and experienced staff and drivers can fully manage your by-products from cradle to grave. With our electronic tracking system, you can have peace of mind with all of your by-product tracking needs. Through our direct relationships with recycling and disposal facilities throughout North America and Canada, Eldredge provides seamless solutions for all of your by-product needs from recycling to wastewater treatment to fuel blending to incineration or landfill. As part of our commitment to providing seamless solutions for our customers, Eldredge's Industrial Service Crew provides complete on-site service, including: lab-packing, tank and process equipment cleanings, and decontamination.

Metal and Plating Manufacturing

From metal plating to pickling operations to primary steel production, Eldredge understands the importance of providing specialized by-product removal. Whether we are removing a spent pickling liquor in our PTFE lined tankers or a K061 electric arc furnace dust in our customized tri-axle roll-off trucks, Eldredge has the equipment and personnel experience to meet your needs. Through our direct relationship with recycling and disposal facilities throughout the North America and Canada, Eldredge is committed to finding the most economical and environmentally friendly solution for your hazardous and non-hazardous by-products. Our well-trained and experienced field service crews can efficiently provide tank cleanings, pit cleanings, and drain cleanings without affecting your facilities' day-to-day operations.

Other Industries Served


No matter what industry you're in, Eldredge can handle your environmental by-product management needs. Our versatility is evident in our ability to customize our services to meet your specific needs. Our experienced staff and professional drivers can provide alternative solutions to common problems you may face. Please give us a call to learn more about solutions for your by-products.

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